We are here to help you find a bar or any type of business for sale in Spain.

If you are looking to buy a bar in the sun then make your first call to us. Our experienced team will guide you through the process of buying a bar in Spain

It may be difficult to know where to start looking when you want to buy a business for sale in Spain. We can assist in your search for a business for sale and even help you to find accommodation in Spain.

Buying a business in Spain can be a relatively straightforward process particularly if you are well advised and are dealing with professionals. Whether you are looking for freehold bars for sale in Spainpool bars for sale in Spain or leasehold bars for sale in Spain our team are on hand to help. Here at Spanish Bars For Sale, our team have all the local knowledge to ensure that when you decide to purchase a business in Spain the process runs a smoothly as possible. As a buyer you have no fee to pay us, all of the businesses that we sell are inclusive of sales fees.


Business information, planning and Viewings

From the moment you send your enquiry to us about buying a business in Spain we are there to assist. We provide you with as much information as possible prior to your visit and we always keep you up to date to ensure your trip is a successful one. We always recommend a separate visit to any business you are interested so you can see it in a live environment. Prior to making an offer on any business we introduce you to our legal team who will also explain the process and costs of buying a business in Spain.

Negotiation and purchase

Once you have found the right business for you we assist you in the negotiation of the purchase price for the business you wish to buy. At this stage you will be fully aware of all costs and expected time lines so you can make a fully informed decision.

Legal Contracts

There will be a number of legal contracts to arrange so you can open your new business in Spain. These include but are not limited to

  • Lease Contract with your new landlord
  • Purchase contract – To purchase the business from the current owner
  • Opening license

Whether you are looking to buy a freehold business in Spain or you want to buy a leasehold business in Spain our specialist legal team can guide you all of the way. They are fluent in English and Spanish and have more than 20 years in Business sales in Spain.

NIE Number - Número de identidad de extranjero

To carry out financial transactions in Spain you will need to organise your NIE. This is done at a local police station. To obtain this you have to make an appointment and it would be advisable to have a translator with you, obviously depending on your level of Spanish.

Financing your purchase

Purchasing a business in Spain is normally funded by the individual unless the purchase includes a freehold. Obtaining finance for a leasehold is almost impossible unless you have a Spanish property to secure the loan against. Please be sure you have funds in place to complete a purchase and cover any extra costs such as moving, deposits etc prior to making any deposit on a business. Most businesses would require a 10% or €5,000 deposit to secure the purchase.

Money transfers

We can offer you solutions to transfer your funds. There can be very high costs in transferring money and also high risks if you do not use a reputable company. We can introduce you to some reliable and trustworthy companies who can work with you to transfer your money to Spain.


The current owners of any business will supply you with a list of current suppliers and it is important you receive this to ensure the continuity of your new business. Of course we can always assist and introduce you to new suppliers if necessary. Dont forget there will be lots of people who would love to have your business so sometimes it is good to be introduced to new suppliers who may offer good incentives to start a new contract.


One of the most overlooked part of any new business is letting people know you are open! Of course you can use the traditional press advertising and this works for some but in todays digital world then we recommend using a digital marketing company who can work with you to ensure you are present and open for business on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. www.smeseoconsulting.com are our partners in this and remember no business is to small to have a website! It is surprising little this is.


Good luck in your search for a new business in Spain and remember we are here to help with any questions you may have. 


Use our Map to help yourself get orientated with Spain, it’s a big place!

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