You will have many questions when buying a business in Spain. We are on hand to help you from the intial viewing and all the way through your purchase.


Of course you will have many questions about buying a bar in Spain.

Our team will be on hand to help and assist you from your first visit through to signing your purchase agreement. We can communicate via wats app, skype, e-mail, text or even a good old fashioned telephone call. For now here are some of the more common questions we get asked.

Do you need a license to sell alcohol in Spain?

In short, yes you do. Not all premises are licensed to sell achohol although you can get alcohol at many more places than you would in the UK you do still need a license to sell it.

What is a Traspaso?

A Traspaso is a lease agreement that will allow you to trade from that premises. Normally any lease agreement includes the furniture, fixtures and fittings although you should always have legal representation to review any Traspaso.

How long does it take to buy a bar in Spain?

This can be as quick as 2 weeks and as long as maybe 6 weeks from deposit depending on the searches carried out once a sale is agreed.

What extra costs are involved on top of the agreed price when buying a bar in Spain?

This has many variables depending on the complexity of the business and the types of license required. You should allow somewhere in the region of €2500 for legal fees.

Will I need to speak Spanish when I live in Spain?

Whilst you wont need to be fluent, basic Spanish helps. It’s always better to try and have a little Spanish and if locals see you are trying they are happy to help. 

Can I start my own bar in Spain?

Yes this is possible but will take much longer as depending on the use of the premises you may have to apply for new licenses. Its much easier to buy somehting that is currently licensed than start a fresh.